Sunday 28 April 2013

Cookies n' chips

I came back to Vancouver at the end of the week to get things organized and ready for my Women's Cycling Camp in the Okanagan next week. I am looking forward to the camp and very pleased to see that the long term weather forecast is looking awesome. Last year the women at the camp impressed me throughly with their mental fortitude, barely batting a hypothermic eyelash whilst braving some unseasonable weather (2 degrees and rain on the worst day, ugh). And while its nice to pass the odd character test once in a while, I won't mind sunny warm weather for the entire camp this year.

I went to the grocery store upon my arrival home and saw they were having a Kale sale. So I picked up a couple nice bunches of the purple/green variety. I often eat Kale steamed or chopped and added to cooked or raw dishes for some extra color and nutrition, but I have never made Kale chips. I've had one Kale chip variation made locally in North Vancouver which I adore, and tried some commercially produced ones which I almost gagged on.

Anyway I googled some recipes and decided to try the most basic one for my first batch. I have to say they turned out great, very nice both in taste and texture!

Just baked...some very tasty kale chips
As I mentioned the recipe is basic and dead easy. Simply: wash, de-rib the leaves, dry well, toss lightly in olive oil, spread on baking sheet (or in pan), very lightly salt, bake 20-25 mins at 300F until they reach crispy melt in mouth texture. Voila, enjoy! I stored them over night in a big loose zip lock bag and they were great today. And that's probably about as long as I can make this batch last before it disappears.

Daisy on her mark, with game face
After making the kale chips (and eating more than a few), there was just time for short a pre-dinner hike in the woods with Miss Daisy. I am planning to do some backpacking trips this summer and have been planning and testing some gear ideas for a West Coast Trail trip.

So with full gear (including food and water) on my back we set out for the short (40 minute) hike to Whyte Lake. I'm guessing I was the most prepared dog walker out on the trails last night!

Whyte Lake last night - springtime bug free solitude
Daisy reflecting on the reflections
After dinner I wanted to test out a recipe for some flourless oatmeal cookies I plan to bake for the Women's cycling camp. Wow, another kitchen stadium success!!!

One of my former teammates loves Rogers porridge oats and I have adapted a number of recipes to use them, and this one worked out particularly well.

Fresh baked cookies anyone?
Nice after dinner with tea... and even better as a pre-ride breakfast this morning ;-)

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