Wednesday 3 July 2013

Riding (to) the Axel Merckx Granfondo

The trip itinerary
I am off tomorrow for Penticton where I'll ride again in the Axel Merckx Granfondo - an event which I've ridden every year since it started in 2011. I'm looking forward once again to a great event, lots of sunshine and catching up with many old friends on the weekend.

It's always fun to add new elements to some old familiar trips and so this year I came up with the (good or bad will be decided next week) idea to ride to the fondo.

The past few days I've been busy mapping out my route, making logistical plans and weighing out all the items in my gear list to keep my load as light as I can.

I've always loved bikes as long as I can remember, and as a kid I always wanted to bike tour. My first bike tour was when I was 12 and my sister was 10. As a birthday gift she promised to ride to Banff with me from our home in Calgary. With Mom as our dutiful sag wagon, we pedaled down the Highway to Banff - or to be exact the Lake Minnewanka campground. After a long day in the (vinyl...ugh!) saddle we eventually made it there on our department store 5 and 10 speeds. I remember well that my sister and I were fast asleep in the tent while it was still daylight. My Mother not so lucky, kept up til late by the party next door to us. The next morning my sisters 'butt' was too sore to ride home, so I rode back to Calgary solo, making it home super fast due to a wicked tailwind. That was a very memorable birthday gift and first bike trip for sure!

I got side tracked by racing for many years, found lots of other good things to occupy my spare time and I have finally got it together to do bike tour #2.

So for this years Axel Merckx Granfono I'm on the "Svein Tuft training program" (though no trailer or dog involved). Anyone who has followed Svein's career will understand what I mean ;-)

P.S. Pretty awesome to see Svein beaming from the Tour de France podium yesterday!!!

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  1. hey Alison, didn't you receive the OBC a few years ago!! I know you did in fact I nominated you. I remember you from Smithers when you came and did a ride/camp with our group. Nice to see you are still a force!!Nipper Kettle


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