Monday, 28 October 2013

A sunny fall day at Gowland Todd

Swimming into Fall
Well the fog finally lifted and we enjoyed a fine fall weekend here in Victoria. I managed to get out with my pup to the Gowland Todd Provincial park for a nice Sunday hike. We left a bit late and completed the outward walk on the Rabbity trail in the daylight and came back on the more defined ridgetop trails by headlamp in the dark. I only noticed the parking lot gate closing time on my way out...lucky for me they did not lock the gate on time sunday night!

The Rabbity trail can be found on a number of online trail maps. It's not well defined, but is marked with flagging and with attention can be found without too much trouble. A word of caution: take great care with ones footing on this route - especially when there are a lot of loose leaves (like now) and damp rocks - as the trail travels close to a number of sheer drops to the ocean. Probably not a smart route choice on anything but a dry day.
'Shroom Forest
The reward though, is a stunning trip with close water views most of the way up Finlayson Arm. I stopped many times to enjoy watching the ever curious seals at play, the numerous marine birds and more different mushrooms than I could count.

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